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About Artist.

Artful Alternatives is original work created by Cath Branwood, a British artist, currently living and creating in Naples, Florida, USA. 


Cath's life path has been varied but art and creativity is a thread, the constant, single point of focus, which has weaved throughout, in paintings, photography, poetry and story-telling. 


Cath studied art and design and art history in the UK, before changing direction to  work in business management and become a charity lawyer. Changing direction is a theme of Cath's life, pivoting again in 2009, she moved to Mexico to become a scuba instructor and underwater photographer. Life changed her direction once more and Cath found her way to Utah, USA, becoming a non profit manager using her creativity to develop branding, websites, social media, events and fundraising.  Cath believes in living better daily, and has donated and auctioned paintings to raise funds for causes she supports, both in Mexico and the USA. 

Cath's unique pop art pointillism pieces have texture, depth and vibrancy which make them stand out in any space. She works in acrylic and has produced pointed pieces on canvas, furniture and as wall murals. 


Cath's original inspiration in this style of pointillism comes from her travels to Australia. She became inspired by aboriginal art and the point paintings of the indigenous people there. The paintings passed stories from generation to generation. It is inspired by nature and comes from the soul. This is a deep theme which Cath brings to her own work.

When Cath traveled to parts of Central and South America, she was woken to the vibrant, vitality of Latin life. It was while living in Mexico that Cath discovered the beautiful yarn and bead-work of the Huichol people. Cath was attracted to the bright and contrasting colors of this traditional folk art and work in points was re-energized.

The current work Cath produces in points come from ideas in nature, dreams, meditation, music, books, and unique people. The pieces come very much from the soul, and begin with a basic sketch but by completion are often a very different piece from the original idea.  


When Cath paints each point, it reminds her that whatever direction life takes her, there is always a place where she can be still and calm. This calmness is brought directly into her art, the pointed pieces take many patient hours to complete.  The pieces and their bright colors represent the craziness, the transience, the constant change in life.  Each point brings them back to a single constant moment in time, like a raindrop, a drumbeat, a foot step, a heart beat, or a soul. Be still, be calm and enjoy an Artful Alternative.