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Artful Alternatives is the small visual and creative arts business of Cath Branwood, a British Artist currently creating original  artwork, digital sketches,  photography and poems in Naples, FL. The goal of the artist is not to be labelled as a particular type of artist, because creativity should always evolve.


The  main thought behind the brand and business Artful Alternatives is to encourage people to ignite their own creative sparks . She does this by sharing the broad and varied content of her own work with the world and being a creative encourager.


Cath gets  inspired by almost everyone she meets and because of this she also actively supports and highlights the work of other local artists, bands and musicians.

Cath believes that through sharing all kinds of her creative work and ideas, the good, the bad and the ‘ugly’ this may minimize the “scary” for other people putting themselves out there creatively. Through being a person who encourages the Artful in everyone, Cath wants to be a big part of building a stronger and more dynamic creative community.

In this modern world where we can become consumed by online information, media and technology trying to steer our lives and thoughts, the ongoing goal is for more and more people to swiftly know that a perfect, happy, stress free Alternative in life, is always Artful.

Be still, be calm and enjoy an Artful Alternative.

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