Why Music Photography? Cath Branwood started taking photos of local bands and musicians through a love of live music and an artistic eye for photography. She had the good fortune to join a local collaborative artist community and met talented musicians who were willing to let her practice on them, from there her style got popular in the local community. Cath has worked with many ordinary unassuming local people with extraordinary musical talent.

Cath asks musicians to ignore her and forget she is there. What she loves most is to capture artists in the exact moment they lose themselves in what they are doing. It shows itself as an energetic shift which comes and goes in a few seconds. She can feel it sometimes when a guitarist nails a complex riff,  a singer hits that key note,  a drummer forgets they are hitting skins and is just one with the rhythm, or a song brings a strong emotion through any instrument the artist is playing.


Cath currently regularly attends local music venues and gigs in the South-West Florida area. The aim in her music photography is to catch the essence of life in an image, in the moment the artists are being Artful from an unidentifiable place beyond themselves. These images are to encourage people to discover live music as an Artful Alternative so they will create this way themselves and/or support local musicians and live music venues.

Please Contact Cath Branwood if you would like her to work with you for band or musician photography. She is willing to travel with her camera. Get in touch. 

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