What Inspires You?


Cath's favorite family photo is a picture of her Taid or Grandfather.  At just 5ft 1 inches, this man of tiny stature is standing arms crossed in front of a huge palm tree. On the back of the photo "Jamaica 1932" is written. The reason Cath likes this photo is that it always brings her to the thought of her Grandfather arriving on a Caribbean Island, all the way from Great Britain as a coal stoker on a merchant navy ship. And in that moment,  seeing palm trees and the breathtaking turquoise blue water of the caribbean sea for the very first time.. 


The cool thing about the photo is the realization that her Taid would have had no preconception of the beautiful views in the same way we do today with the multitude of methods we can receive information and imagery of anything and everything.  

The story-telling,  thought provoking or inspirational properties of photography is why it continues to be so important as a medium of creatively sharing and why her own images are so inspirational to the artist in creating the paintings she creates. Art inspires Art. 

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