Why Photography?

Cath Branwood was brought up in a photographic household back when camera's were filled with film instead of memory cards. Her Dad was not a professional, but was an avid hobbyist, and taught photography part-time at the local community college too,  .Her fondest childhood memories were time with her Dad in the spare room/dark room.   watching "magic" happen on photo paper right in front of her eyes. Her Dad still owns and occasionally uses the same 1970's camera, which began her inspiration. The dark room equipment is probably gathering dust in an attic in the UK too. 

One day when she was a child,  Cath's Dad borrowed a macro lens for her to play with. This introduced a whole new "Honey I shrunk the Kids" perspective on the world, which has inspired her in photography ever since.  While raised by a purest photographer, Cath sees huge value in the technology in photography today because it makes photography more accessible and encourages people to be creative through photography. 


Cath believes that everyone's shared Photo Art is an amazing Artful Alternative. Whether taking selfies, feet shots, sunsets or lunch. Zoom in or zoom out, edit or don't edit, filter or no filter. Use a Canon, Nikon, Leica or Iphone or Android.  Cath tries to observe and pay attention to life with her eyes and all her senses first before viewing  it through a lens. 

All photos are subject to copyright registration but are available as prints or digital download. Contact the artist to purchase. 

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