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10,000 Hours of Practice

I was chatting to the amazing guitarist Bob, at the gig I was shooting last night and he said that learning a musical instrument really was all about practicing every day.

It's that 10,000 hours rule isn't it?

Keep doing it, keep doing what you are passionate about and you will naturally improve.

I watched a video on Youtube yesterday showing the actor Tom Hardy training to bulk up for his role in the movie Bronson.

His personal trainer was speaking about the fact that it takes hours of training for your body to retain the muscle memory to keep the shape you might create quite quickly once you put in an little effort.

I suppose it is the same with everything we want to do which doesn't come naturally,

even sharing 7 images and 7 lines to website blogs as a challenge!

There are some 'naturals' in all things, but the majority of us have to put in the continual practice to grow and improve.


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