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A hug is not always just a hug.

I returned to my apartment earlier after walking my dog, and felt something was 'off'.

Although nothing was missing or moved, I felt like someone had been inside my place while I was gone and as I live alone, it was a little troubling.

I checked with my landlady and friend and she said she had done some yard work, but not gone inside, and as I trust her word, I was just left wondering what the shift was but decided best to smudge and let it go.

I have learned in the last couple of years that I am a spooky, super energetically sensitive person, and it is best for me to be conscious about protecting my energetic space, so I do not take on other people's stress, negative stories or emotions.

A simple touch can sometimes tilt me off balance, so I will even deny a hug from a seemingly kind and sweet person, if I am just not feeling like mixing with their energy.

Positively though, I have come to realize that my sensitivity to energies is probably what makes me such an active creative as I can draw from experiences being around other people.

Some might call it 'Inspiration', others call it 'Magic', but I believe that all creativity is channeling energy of some sort from a bigger source beyond ourselves and exploring this is continually really intriguing to me.


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