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Alone Like the Moon - A Poem

Today I am alone, but I am not lonely

I remember that a single light bulb can illuminate a room

And the rhythm from a solitary drum can make an entire crowd dance.

One ocean links the whole globe, droplet by droplet

And the moon alone shifts the weight of that ocean,

Tide by tide, wave to wave, in ebbs and flows.

The moon knows we watch her as she grows and shrinks,

Crescent to half to full and back again.

In silence, she she knows of her might and influence.

She needs no reassurance that she is the moon

But the sun knows the moon cannot shine alone.

We, as human beings make sure people know we exist

We take more than we give.

We ask questions and demand answers

We seek opinions and require responses.

My own dog shakes herself for connection.

Her ears slapping hard against her head

Her dog tags jangle to make a sound.

It’s not always a reflex dog behavior

She does it to draw attention to herself.

She does it so I know she exists.

I wonder why I share these words with you.

Why can’t these words be swallowed up into an abyss?

Disappeared into a black hole

Never to be seen, thought or heard again?

I think I create things to put that which is inside myself,

Out there, wherever ‘there’ is.

This little ball of creative energy comes from me and not me.

Through my words, or photos, or paintings or drawings.

I know the energy of all the things IS me.

This is my version of the dog shake,

I do this to make sure I know I exist

But we are all mighty in our own creative way.

You can be the Moon,

I can be the Moon,

Watch us in silence for we cannot shine alone.

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