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Am I invading your Privacy?

Today was a day of re-focus and clearing out junk and negativity.

I know from experience that taking the opportunity to refresh my energetic space by literally cleaning house, can make exciting things happen because it's about creating a positive forward momentum.

I grabbed moments in the coffee place this morning to sketch what I saw right in front of me.

I was worried sketching people could be invading privacy, but then decided it was a silly thought, as we are being watched all the time in this age of camera phones, dash cams and CCTV.

My worries were further dismissed when the guy I was sketching the back of, at the table in front of me, made a really loud phone call and discussed all his private medical issues with his doctor in full ear shot of the whole place.

I also spent a little time in the coffee place going over some old doodles to create better pieces and I made a little deal with myself there that I will always give my sketches a chance for a re-work,

Maybe in the re-focus, re-set, re work, re-charge of all these things in my life, something amazing might sprout and grow.


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