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Am I limping or are you doing it out of sympathy?

Updated: Feb 29

My dog Bean is being kind of pathetic today and limpy today and I cannot see or feel where she might be hurting, so and I am not sure if I am just being pathetic and limpy too.

She is the being I currently spend the most amount of alone time with, and I often wonder if she is impacted by my moods in the same way I get impacted my those of others. Jeez I hope not, poor dog.

Bean will often drag me out of my safe cave into Nature and it is as if she knows that I need it and will benefit from her being annoying enough to make me attach her leash and make the move.

So creativity is always slower when I am being this way and I spiral quite often into a pit of self doubt, unworthiness, why am-I-doing-this-ness, imposter-ness, How-dare-you-think-you-can-be-an-artist-ness.

The pit is never long lived because I also know that if I pick up a pen and doodle, scribble, that I can easily break through this barrier or creative block.

I guess I am just riding the waves of the creative life, and sometimes we all might limp a little, and that is why sometimes picking up, attaching the leash and getting moving seems like a chore and not a joy.


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