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Art is a big game!

I am no expert in the artistic world, but to me, Art is a big game isn't it? It's just that no one is sure who the players and spectators are.

I came up with this, after seeing a post on the Gagosian Gallery Instagram page where there was a long pretentious blurb around a show which to me, looked like a bunch of artists had scribbled black over some quite nice prints.

The Gagosian blurb gave me no clarity or insight, it just made me think, why did those artists REALLY do that? I often wonder if the majority of art is created "tongue in cheek" and the joke is on us as the greater viewing public.

I create paintings and drawings for fun, because an idea comes my way which I can't get rid of, to challenge my abilities, to give it a try, to discharge some emotion, to say something and to say nothing, all these things at the same time.

Once artists are done, the art it is 'out there' is is for other people's perceptions, projections and opinions on the work, which we can either listen to with curiosity, take on board as a criticism or let float past with all the other creative ideas we did not play with this time.

Every time I read in galleries and online, the summing up of a painting, either by the artist or the curator it never, ever quite feels right for me and while I can sum up my own work, those words may never feel right for you.

It's like the words are something which could never sum up all that came into a piece, and are just there for the people who view without feeling the energy of what the work does for them personally.

That's why I love the "Slow Art" idea, where you go to a gallery or show and spend far more time on a single painting which grabs your attention, rather than just looking at what everyone is taking selfies with.

So anyway, those are this creatives musings and thoughts for this day or moment, and these are some of my new paintings which are now available to buy.

I invite you to pick one or my works or find a painting you know, look at it for a few minutes, think about what it makes you feel. Maybe happy, sad, peaceful, angry, lonely or nothing at all, all these feelings are okay, but the doing and acknowledgement of this is a movement of your energy in itself.

Taking a few moments to have an Artful Alternative to facebook, instagram, netflix, food, sex, alcohol, drugs sugar, staring at your navel and will make you feel better or at least different, I promise.

Be well, until another Artful Alternative blog word purge comes your way...


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