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Be "Pants-off at the beach!" Kid

I went to watch the sunset at the beach tonight and this little girl was walking normally alongside her mom and dad, then all of a sudden, stopped, took off her pants, handed them to Mom and went for a splash in the shallows.

The unquestioning spontaneity of the action, made me smile and long to be a little kid again, that was until after barely a few minutes her parental's tired of her blatant childish joy for life, picked her up and marched her off down the beach for dinner.

Why don't we spot the point in life when we metaphorically and actually stop being the "pant's off" kids and start being the "time for dinner" adults?

Is it best that is a gradual transition else we might grieve too long and hard for the lost joy of such reckless abandon.

Everyday as I create I am acutely aware of a child-like me, knocking at the door and remember the times I drew, without caring if anyone liked it, or thought it was "good" because there was a time where I was just drawing for the sake of drawing.

I feel I am gradually shedding layers of adult induced sabotage which has prevented me from creating all the things I wanted, for fear of someone being able to do it better, or for fear of it not earning me a job or money.

I invite you to create with me like you are a "pant's off at the beach" kid again.


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