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Between Noise and Silence - A Poem

Listen to the silent ones for they shall speak.

There is total peace inside a quiet mind,

Their breath weaves between the leaves like silk,

caressing the space between the tangible and not.

Sometimes when the silence speaks,

I know I am the footsteps on the sand

I am the imprints and I am the grains.

I am the footprint and am the moment before it connects.

I am the impression and the depression,

I am the water which rushes into the indent

And I am the flow which takes it away.

The silent ones speak in the droplets that remain

They whisper in the rivets and valleys they create

They shine in ringlets of raindrops on the window

They glisten as they evaporate into the sky.

Just stars on a canvas,

untouched and untouchable

Dust to the hand which scatters them

Breath of whimsical dreams, crystals to cut our fingers

Treasures to covet but never to hold

Butterfly wings moving from moment to moment

Self, to Self to Self.

Silent ones will whisper their secrets.

Lean In Softly, To Expect Nothing.

Listen. Listen. Listen.

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