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Catch my Fire - A Poem

I'm complicated, just like you.

There must be someone who knows where I am coming from,

What I've left behind, and yet where I could be.

A soul who'll reach inside and tear out my heart,

Only to hold it gently just to be burned by my love.

There must be a person who'll know all of me

In a touch, in a sigh, in a single look.

A soul who'll trip me up and watch me on the ground

Just to feel the power with which I can rise again.

There must be someone who watches me smile from afar

A soul who'll see sadness stream down my face

Only to yearn deep inside to forever hear my laughter.

There must be someone who can feel where my anger lives,

A soul who'll stir up the hurricane inside me

Only to wait quietly in the eye of the storm

Just to bring me to peace.

There must be someone, just like me.

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