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Cheer for your own damn self!

Are you a misfit, a dreamer, an artful alternative, a person who feels like they are an outsider?

This ALWAYS been the case for me but I am finally (finger's crossed) getting to a place where this is okay with me, and I am wondering why the hell it took me so long!

No matter how much I have circulated with the "in crowd" or checked all the "How to be socially acceptable" boxes they said I should check or passed all the exams I thought I should take, I always felt like I was playing a game, I never actually asked to play.

I have realized that it's okay not settling for the norm or what the rule books of life say you should be doing because nobody can say what works for you, except you, but I KNOW that's even hard to hear when you feel like you are not even sure what works for you!

The trick, I think, is to be okay with what you are doing right now, even if it is different from anything you have done before, because this is where life comes from.

Remember you are unique, stand alone, an outsider and what you create is coming from a single perspective which can only come from behind your eyes and your soul, and that is the magic of creativity.

All you have to do is allow the sometimes long process which gets you to the the place when you feel, THIS is what's working for me and roll with this Artful alternative.

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