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"Creativity is Intelligence having fun"

The first day in May seems like a good day to restart the daily blog!

When I review the last month in quarantine, I have actually created more pieces in less time than normal, but all the creating fell into the same blur as the days.

I am enjoying the isolation space and time, totally away from noise, words, thoughts and opinions of others because despite best intention, even those kind and supportive words are hard for me to accept about my work.

The really positive thing this quarantine has done for me is to find the confidence to create more fully, really choosing to challenge my painting and drawing abilities, away from my usual pointillism.

I have been creating portraits by drawing upside down on the ipad and have been working in a way on canvas with self portrait elements which feels exciting, but also really vulnerable and is often quite emotive.

As with many people, that little doubting 'parasite' voice in my head often clouds my thoughts of my work and prevents my urge to even attempt creating something totally new, if it is outside my comfort zone, even if deep down I know I can do it.

I have allowed this space, time and peace in isolation to bolster the 'ally' voice and am enjoying having fun with my creative process and am hopeful for the future and where this new found courage might take me.


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