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Did anyone listen to you? - A Poem for a friend.

Would anyone know you exist if you did not reflect off someone else?

The moon cannot shine alone.

It's a reflection of what you can't see.

The sun must tell her she exists.

Yet we look away from the sun on the brightest of days.

Only seek out the light of the moon in the darkest of the dark.

When you spoke, did anyone ever really listen?

Did you take on all the pain of those who shared?

Did it all land in your stomach and never leave?

Or did it sit in your heart and rot it slowly?

Were all those words coming your way,

Suddenly, too many to translate?

Did all those memories come crashing back to you?

Was the ambulance ride too short?

Did anyone else notice you open your eyes for a second?

When did the world start spinning inside your head?

Then why did it never, ever, stop?

Was the light too light and the dark too dark?

Was the burden too much for you to carry alone?

Did nobody hold you long enough to ease it?

Could one touch have been the thing to fix you?

Was all that talking just too loud?

Would the music never soothe you?

Did no-one ever hear you screaming inside?

Were your wings simply melting into the sun?

Did that final night have no moon?

Was the last good breath fleeting?

You had a beautiful smile.

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