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Embracing Righteous Anger - A Poem

Updated: Mar 27

This for a time, a reason or a season.

Letting my long-held anger bubble up,

and spill over you.

A wound and a bandage wrapped years before,

Unravelled at your unconscious command.

These are not dark emotions from here and now.

They come through a maze of closed hidden doors

And cold open windows.

From glorious heights unattained and

Depths which have long since

swallowed me whole.

And then, as if my conductor, you mastered my music.

Saw all the notes I failed to play and made them soar.

Tears became wailing musical notes,

to your will and your calling.

Yet I scream, like a banshee untethered.

Wild hair and angry hands reaching forward to choke you.

I see her orange glistening eyes , soul on fire,

Her ink black pupils reflect……nothing.

Behind this peaceful demeanor, I always held her close.

Your mastery discovered me in moments.

She is a darkness which dresses me like a cloak.

A shroud I quietly struggled behind,

Until her release by your patient acceptance.

This Banshee smothered by old bandages,

Singing painful melodies of

Long stifled submission is here.

I have permission to be this now,

because of you.

This, This, and This.

Only for a time, a reason or a season.

But because of you, my love

I have become free.

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