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Even share the BAD stuff!

I am basically a self taught artist, and some might say it shows from the poor Richard Gere sketch I made today!

I have only learned by doing, aside from a couple of years of intermittent art and art history classes around a bunch of other academic classes I took and failed at 18, at a local further education college in the UK.

I decided to become a lawyer 16 years ago in the UK because at 28, I worked in the admin office in a law school and thought if all these kids can pass law exams, I think I could do it too, and so I did.

Now I am an artist, I am finding myself very driven by "If that person can draw/paint like that, I bet I could do it too."

I know there are some things I am going to be better at creating that other things, and I am not deluded enough to think I am a "Master Artist", far from it!

But my creative mind is such that I want to keep trying new things, so that I know I can do that thing which I am inspired by, well enough for me to be happy with what's created.

I invite you to attempt to create something you don't believe you can do well right now, because I promise the process of doing will be artfully alternative enough.


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