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Fighting Demons with Angels - A Poem

Updated: Jul 23

Kick me and I might go down

Kick me again and I might stay down

But I will get up again.

Rising in front of you, blinding your vision.

Shhhh Listen for me.

I am the thunderous hooves in the distance,

The white noise which disturbs your silence.

But don't wait for me,

I'm never going to come for you.

But know that I will rise again

For I am all the things you can't control.

Look for me in the tsunami of emotions which envelop you.

In the shadows of your inner world, I will prowl.

Feel me when you shiver.

Those chills, that's me.

I am the pain you are yet to have,

The blood you are yet to choke on,

I am more powerful that the final breath of life as you drown.

I will swirl around you as you laugh with joy.

I am, the twinkle in the corner of your vision.

That high pitched noise which catches your attention,

It's not angels. It's me.

I am the smell which takes you to a memory you wish you'd forgotten.

You can taste my salt and it's for all your own wounds.

Feel me slice into your heart with my spoon.

Dice yourself to try to release me.

Unshackle yourself from my energy. if you can.

For my body is the earth you continue to walk on.

My blood, the water which drags you down.

The wind which whistles through your night, my breath.

And be sure my spirit of fire will keep you warm again.

Kick me and I might go down.

Kick me again and I might stay down.

But I will rise again.

I will rise again.

I will rise.

For I am love.

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