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Florida is waking up to bloom again.

These are some beautiful tree blooms in the neighborhood which I captured this evening at sunset.

As the state begins to uncurl itself from the last month's hibernation, it has given the air a lighter feeling for me.

The oppressed energy around us is lifting as things open up, but it is cautiously and so it should be.

I have enjoyed this time alone for the creative freedom it has brought me, but it has been lonely and stressful at times.

I have allowed it to bring me lessons and challenges through the things I have brought into the world on a canvas, ipad and paper and some of those things are intensely self reflective and I see that.

If you feel like you have been unproductive in the last month, think about "if this time has a role for me what would it's purpose be?"

It might be that the role was to give you time to relax, but now you may be waking up, or looking forward to waking up from hibernation, why not take a moment to look for an artful alternative.

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