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FUCK the "New Normal"

I have listened to a few podcasts today while painting today suggesting that, even if we do not identify it as such, we are all feeling grief at what we have lost in terms of an old way of life because of the virus.

It makes sense to me because I see stages of grief I have passed through in the past month.

I went through non acceptance, denial, disbelief, anger but have now so quickly accepted and found meaning in this isolated living.

I am also angry because I already feel like a rug has been pulled and there are a lot of unknowns right now, and yet I know that this "rug pulled" feeling is likely to be there all over again when isolation is ended and we have to adjust again.

Borders will open, we will be invited to fly and travel again, we will be allowed to gather in groups, we will be able to hang out with our friends and hug loved ones again and I think that this "new normal" is going to feel a bit scary at first.

So while it is quite comforting to put a "grief" label on the collective way we are all feeling at this time, we should be seeing that life is continually changes to a "new normal" and that's called growing, evolving and where necessary adapting.

I invite you to treat your artful alternatives at this time as way of assisting you to grow and evolve, don't be so caught up in what things "should" be like, embrace to "new normal" right in front of you in words or pictures.


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