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How will you Bloom today?

Yesterday was the birthday of a dear friend who took his life in October last year, a group of us met and raised a glass through the power of Zoom.

I speak to him often, as I speak to many people who are not right beside me, because I believe and know that all their energy still exists around me, to influence my day and send me signs.

I found a beautiful tree in another neighborhood while exploring with my dog first thing to avoid the heat, and I saw it as a sign from my friend to remind me to really appreciate the beauty in this present moment.

I'd love to tell you the scientific name or even the familiar name of the tree, but I guess am a true dreamy artist and only remember color and form and the way something makes me feel, not often facts and details.

In an unusual twist of natural order as I have always known it, the huge fluffy pink flowers apparently only bloom after all the leaves have fallen off the tree and spring from the fruit pods on the bare branches.

These flowers explode out of long pods, for just one day, sharing all their color and sweetness for the bees and us if we slow down to notice, then they simply disintegrate onto the ground leaving the empty pod and a single wiry long stem, as a flag post to where they once existed.

I invite you to decide how you might creatively bloom just for today and think about what is going to be your Artful Alternative to the unusual natural order of things right now?


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