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I am All Mine

I am not your “Go To”

For the bored, the lonely, the empty or the ‘let’s see”

I am not your safety net,

Your sure thing,

Your easy option. Your drunken dial.

I am many things,


I am not your

“Go To”

I am Fire.






I am not the easy ride,

I am the road less travelled

I am never someone’s “Home Base”

I am the resting place you never had.

I am not tame,

I am the Tamer.

The Slayer.

The Fighter.

The Warrior.


The Seducer.

I am the solid ground you chose not to stand on.

I have become the strong boundary you tried to break.

Now you can’t catch me.

For I flow like water,

Breathe like fresh air,

Ignite like distant starbursts, And rest surely in my grounded self.

I am all this,

ALL THIS without you.

Alone. Without you.

And Myself again.

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