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I don't see Life in Black and White

Although I love black and white photography, I am not really a black and white thinker.

I see a million different angles to things going on in my life and that can be overwhelming, when I should just breath and enjoy and accept the good stuff which is happening right before my eyes.

Sometimes it is hard when stuff does not work out exactly as you thought it might but in art, you don't have to force a perfect outcome, because sometimes perfect is not what is meant to be.

I struggle with ideas in my head not matching what comes out in front of me on a sketch pad or canvas.

Creating art is perhaps the only place where time, patience and perseverance might pay off rather than accepting what you think is or isn't possible when you first begin a new piece.

The only conversation you need to have is between you and the piece you are creating, and let it be a conversation which challenges you, which changes the way you think about yourself.

Ignore all the intrusive thoughts and opinions of others and create the artful alternative YOU want to create.


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