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Icarus flew first - A Poem

What if being slammed against the wall

Stops me building it higher and stronger.

What if falling without a safety net

Makes me learn how to fly.

What if me just being me

brings you guilt.

and you fear.

and you nervousness.

and you anger.

What if holding hands becomes

'Promise you won't say a thing'

or 'this can be our little sccret'

Sometimes 'Let's pretend it's this not that'

A gentle moment of purity

becomes 'let's just go around this corner'

or 'no one can hear us'

or ' don't you see, no one knows'

What if good energy mingling

becomes some else's 'mistake.'

An 'against my better judgement'

Somebody's 'It was a moment of passion'

What if an open heart becomes

"Dial that down a little"

"I don't know why you are being so nice to me"

"I trust you, I don't trust them"

"Someone's going to get hurt and it will be you"

What if this is me being enough

What if this is life and process and promise

What if our dark hearts still connect through all this?

Because I am love.

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