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Isn't everyone an Empath? - A Poem

Sometimes I wish I didn't feel so deeply.

These layers of knowing cannot be all mine.

My artistic soul cannot hold all these thoughts I have.

The vivid visions in my mind over flow.

These tingles in my fingertips must belong to another.

The breath I inhale,

A million droplets of dreams

from some place else.

Like the storm which blows through from nowhere

The wind makes me feel the arms of a thousand lovers lost.

The blue swirl of energy takes over me like a sigh.

A hurricane of emotions which don't feel like mine.

The dark cave I watch from is cold

But I dream of different.

Just outside me is an uncrossable road or river

The other side of the glass, the people I cannot touch

The one I love stands in a different shadow.

I lie on the beach waiting for a tsunami wave to hit

It breaks over me, and yet I never get wet.

I never catch the train or there is never a seat.

I can never find the ticket or find the right gate.

I am unreachable and yet all feeling

Buffeted by everything except anything which I can call my own.

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