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It's only been a Month

Updated: Mar 22

I started this creative blog on my birthday a month ago and yet in only a month the whole world has shifted around me.

I am feeling my creativity is now a more important tool than ever to quiet my thoughts and the fear of the unknown going on around me and inside me.

I notice that I have to force myself a little to create in some respects in order to hold back a very negative, fearful "what's the point" mindset.

I also notice that if I take a moment to stay present, my artist eyes are still capable of seeing beauty in the world even though I might be in a spiral of stress.

Even just pausing a mindless social media scroll to look at a painting, listen to a song or watch a friend dance gives me a calm bubble in the stress.

That's why I keep sharing this with you and why I intend to drop deep into all my creative methods of coping to make sense of what is going on.

As we may feel ourselves in a bit of an emotional pendulum these days, the calming touch stones in life are so important, so hug your loved ones, reach out, and I invite that you to set an intention to make them artful alternatives.


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