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Love Amnesia - A Poem

Updated: Jul 23

Love will take away the pain you feel as it cuts you deeply

It will scrub clean the tears which plowed furrows in your cheeks.

It will mop the puddles of red from your bleeding heart.

Love will listen to you howl at the moon,

And be the light shining bitterness on your soul in your darkest night.

You'll wrap your arms around me

and Love will let me, let you.

Making me forget those arms were once made of ice.

Love will drop us into unsuitable times and inappropriate moments.

Love will let you nuzzle into my neck,

And Love will take away the memory of the knife you dug into my back.

Love will make me see you as a person I still cannot live without,

In a heartbeat, Love will take away the times you walked away.

Love will show me clearly how alone you make me feel.

And Love will also tell me that I deserve to be lonely.

Love will make you steal my heart and mind

But Love will hand me the key to be your jailer.

Love will set me free and yet Love will call me back again

Love will empty me of all that I am,

And fool me into feeling satiated.

Love will make me nauseous, from the most delicious feast.

Love will erase the anguished waves of my emotions.

And Love will drop me deeper on the anchor which holds me there.

Love will grate you, sift you, tear you apart

And pretend it is doing you a favor by just being around.

Love will spend all your money and

pretend it is counting the coins which you never lost.

Love will shuffle the deck and make you gamble on a sure thing.

Love will laugh at your anger and your sadness as if it does not exist.

Love will watch your broken body, curled into the floor,

Licking the cold tiles, counting the grains in the wood.

Love will hand you the shovel to help the ground swallow you up.

While holding out an open hand to help you.

Love leaves you all at once clear and totally confused.

But Love is the final drug which will take you down.

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