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Love Fully - A Poem

Dear Heart,

I did not ask you to close off,

I invited you to Love Fully.

Love fully like the tiny bud which clings to the branch

Pulling in the light of the sun

And drinking the refreshing rain into her being.

Love fully and stretch like that bud

Up into the open sky.

Breathe that fresh air with your open mind and body.

I invited you to love fully like a blossom,

opening for the first moment of springtime.

Love fully and glow with your beautiful colors

So that everybody looks your way.

Love fully and shimmer in warmth of the sunshine

Then glisten in the coolness of the rain.

Love fully in the daytime and

When dusk approaches,

Turn inwards to rest gently.

Love fully like the blossom which turns into the ripest fruit

Love fully and release all your juices

Love fully and nourish that person with your vitality

Love fully, be sweet from the sun and refreshing from the rain

Love fully and allow yourself to be totally consumed by Love.

Oh but Dear Heart

I also invited you to love fully

even as the leaves dry out and curl into themselves.

Love fully and rest guilt free in the love you have given and shown.

Love fully even as you hang hopelessly onto the tree which grounds you.

Twisted and spinning in the wind of change.

Love fully but know that letting go of that tree is what you must do now.

Love fully in the knowing that letting go brings forth new blossom

Releasing yourself Dear Heart

For another season will come for you to love fully again.

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