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"Lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul"

Dolphins are back in Italy, the air is far less polluted in China, the oceans across the globe are being allowed to replenish.

Meanwhile people are realizing toilet paper is not a real human need and actually, having it will not stop people dying.

We are not only healing the planet as a bi-product of self isolation, we have the potential to heal ourselves and our endless need to gain something else, something new, something better.

This time make us see really clearly how nature and a natural internal order can visit us we just quieten down and accept this exactly as they are.

Kahlil Gibran is a favorite author of mine and in The Prophet, a book which I often let fall open to give me the message I need , today it fell to the passage on Houses in which it says " Verily the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, the walks grinning in the funeral"

This period of isolation in our houses is forcing a little introspection and for sure some deep soul searching and as a part of this it is reminding me of old photos which I love, these are from a trip to visit a friend in Italy in 2013.

I invite you to dive deep and artfully at this time, check out your old journals, favorite books, sketchbooks, hard drives, movies, music, I assure you will find a sign or message in the things you have loved and/or created.


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