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My White Swan Woman - A Poem

Updated: Mar 27

She showed up in my silence

Not beautiful or serene.

But forceful and ferocious

In my face,

Huge and imposing.

Her headdress of feathers

Were sculpted knives

Cascading gently

Over her head,

Across her back

Wings of pointed envy

Not flowing or tickling

But stabbing and twisting

One angry word after another

To myself.

Her skin so pale

Her feathers so white.

Her red, dead eyes staring into mine.

‘Who Are You? I whisper to her.

‘ I am You.‘ She roars back.

My white swan woman.

Fly to me

Fly into my psyche

Break me apart

Slice me with your feathers

Turn me inside out

Tease out my veins

Watch me as you drink my blood.

Become me, My thoughts

My darkness, My purple

My ugly, My fat

My stupid, My worthless

My disappointed

My sad.

Be witness to the death of this.

My white swan woman

I’ll dance, I’ll sing.

I’ll puppet through this fog.

At your command.

Fly away now.

But never close your eyes to me.

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