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I LOVE creative collaborations and I just finished this one today.

It is a skateboard belonging to the daughter of a dear friend of mine and she knows I like to paint on weird stuff and so gave this to me to play with last year.

I asked a artist friend of mine, who works with spray paints to lay a base design down, which save me a lot of time sanding and bothering with that stuff and he did a fun first layer for me.

When I set to work, I had no preconception on what I wanted so on half of it, I just stared doodling in white.

I then had an idea to reference some gesture sketches I had taken of a dancer friend of mine, from a photo shoot I did with her back in January.

A beautiful sunset and the mini surfboard at the beach and there you go, collaborative creativity at it's best.

I invite you to think about someone, something or many people you can be in creative collaboration with because it's fun to bounce ideas off to spark artful alternatives


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