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Owned - A Poem

Resisting this addiction

Is like breathing out, before in

Putting down the light load,

Then carrying the weight.

Delaying the suffering

Denying the pain

Ignoring the contraction of my fears.

You are equally and ulitmately,

My ecstasy and my hangover,

The come down before the buzz

My cocaine and my Valium.

An end as well as a beginning.

The chasm you create inside my heart

Marries the anxiety inside my mind

And ignites the yearning in my soul.

A whispering anew from some place else.

Some place darker.

And falsely safe.

I can't count on myself in this space

Reasoning becomes foggy, obscured.

And finding numbness

Is an easy way out.

Inside this space you own me,

and take me down again.

Fighting is energy wasted.

I am controlled,





But still loved.

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