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Remember, It's just a passing cloud....

Today a cloud of smoke from the wildfires hundreds of miles north here in Florida covered the sun and the glow created an eerie apocalyptic light for most of the afternoon.

I thought it was a normal storm cloud until I noticed the cool shadow images on my patio floor and the orange glow, but it got me thinking about things in life which come in, like dark clouds and get you down emotionally.

Sometimes they are little rain clouds and you can see the silver lining, but sometimes they are heavy like thick smoke and feel like they will sit and block out the light for good.

Yet I know from years of coming out of personal storms, that I just have to trust and wait for a new breeze to come through which I know will send that tough emotion back out to sea.

More and more these days, I am reminded by a gradually screaming louder small inner voice that there is an amazing life right in front of me, begging for fun.

I see it shining like a star, peeping out from behind the shelter of a dark cold cave of self doubt and BS stories I have been telling myself for far too long and that star wants to twinkle so brightly.

Like the orange glow on the floor, I am reminded to create something beautiful for myself every single day day even when "the cloud" is hanging round me and I invite you to see past your cloud and find something artful to create in your life too!


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