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She belongs to the Sea

How will you ever hold this broken heart?

When, like a siren, she only belongs to the sea?

Prove you deserve this broken heart.

For she was cherished long before you

By someone who smiled with her whole being.

One who laughed without resisting.

Cried with no need to resolve.

Show you deserve this broken heart

For she was cradled before she was crushed.

By someone with innocent open hands.

One who nursed it, still beating hard

Willing her to simply survive.

Believe you deserve this broken heart

For she was put out in the pouring rain

By someone who was deaf to the storm

But love still pumps out of her like rivers

To an ocean of this life that waits.

This broken heart makes for the shore.

Where she rests, naked, on the rocks.

Sun on her face, still beating.

Siren swims away.

Tail flip glistens.

One. Last. Time.

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