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Sketching in the Wind.

I wish I could draw better, I wish I could make this look like that, and that like this.

Except for the distant memories from a few art classes at the age of 17, I never really had the formal training to look at form, proportions, color tones or shading.

Maybe it is because I am a basically a self taught artist, that it is always a challenge to start on something which I have never drawn before, because I have no concrete idea on how to begin, although with practice I am improving.

I notice though that my problems with simple drawing is similar to where I stumble in life, I just struggle being present sometimes.

It's hard for me to observe what is there in front of me, rather than what my over-active mind or imagination tells me is there.

I always end up second guessing, then become a little off in my perceptions in both life situations and in sketches, and end up feeling overwhelmed and lost.

The key whether you have a pencil in your hand or a walking stick, is to slow down, pause, breathe and just gaze, because with time you will adjust yourself and see things with more clarity.


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