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Small things Count Big!

We are living in a moment on the planet where we are in an obvious place of unknown and uncertainty.

We are always living in the unknown though, no matter how much we try or believe we have stuff under control, we really don't, and that is the part we need to figure out how to be okay with.

I did not know this time last year, that I would be here typing this now, but I am.

I did not know a month ago that I would be restricted from travelling to see my family in the UK or that they would be restricted to see me, but this is the new normal right now.

I did not know that these flowers would be in my friend's yard this morning, showing me with all the certainty I needed, that life will continue to bloom and grow in amazing ways.

So in these anxious, ever changing days, weeks, months, please just look for the little things which give you a spark of growth and creativity.

I invite you to pay creative attention to all the amazing stuff that is right in front of you, because it will help keep you here and present and calmer, if only for an artful alternative moment!


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