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Sweet Time and Other Things - A Poem

If there's no such thing as time.

What was that thing?

Love or Distraction?

If you can't find the time.

Then there's no such thing lost time.

But there is sweet time.

And it does get given back.

Time doing other things.

Better Things.

Different Things.

Busy Things.

Those things.

Just not that thing.

With Me.

There is such thing as lost love though.

After you accidentally found it.

Picked it up off the ground.

Casually carried it with you.

Spinning it through your fingers.

All that time.

Left it in your back pocket.

Used it like wasted currency.

My time treated like

Loose change discarded

And forgotten.

Long time, Short Time

Bitter Time, sweet time.

Good time, tough time.

High Time, Low time.

Years, Months, Days,

Hours, Moments, Heartbeats.

Tick, tick, tick, tick.

Holding Hands.

Of a Broken Clock.

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