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Take a "Leap of Faith"

Updated: Mar 2

So today is Feb 29th, a day which only happens every 4 years so is a good milestone to think about the last 4 years and realize how much my life has shifted.

It's funny, I notice from a mental time line that generally my life path has shifted roughly every four years.

Although I have close, loyal longstanding friends and family, there is nothing in my life which has hung out consistently in my presence for much longer that four years, except me, myself, I and my dog!

I am grateful for having a personality which shifts and adapts and have lived a lot of different years, not just the same year over and over.

I have so often lived by a "Leap of Faith" and it has mostly steered me right, but I do see great value in those around me with a more socially 'stable' life with families, homes, and careers.

I am here just starting out in my 44th year of on this planet, and generally have few regrets, preferring to see lessons in everything that has passed.

Maybe with this 4 year mile marker, I should slow down, keep the faith but stop the leaping, but where's the fun in that?


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