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The Best Plan is "No Plan"

Do you ever get an idea in your head, get excited then everything moves around you, to make the idea go away?

That is what this period of time is looking like, with a deadly virus spreading the world, and the powers that be making decisions which impact daily life, through event cancellations and travel restrictions.

So I firmly believe this is a great time to pull all ideas back in, shuffle the deck and lay some truth cards before me in relation to where I want to direct my creative urges next.

If the universe isn't sending this time as a big sign that we all need to stop, slow down the craziness and tend to ourselves a little, then I am not sure what this is.

While yesterday I felt over-whelmed, I guess I have to admit today I was inspired again and all it took was to put myself outside in nature.

But "Self-Isolation" is actually really a gift and a pleasure for introspective creatives like me to be artfully alternative and proud.

While there seem to be ever changing decisions being made around us, this enforced slowed down personal world gives us the time and space to create something even more beautiful!


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