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Rubber Tree Leaf...and Life

So I started a photo project at the beginning of the month, snapping a pic of the daily life of a leaf. These rubber trees, grow so rapidly, and the colors change in beautiful ways.

It gave me a nice chance to really look at something alive and see it transform itself.

From hidden in a soft pod, which stripped itself away, so the velvety new leaf could unfurl itself shyly into the sun

Opening to the rain and the warmth of the sea breezes.

Gently darkening with the night air as it aged from red to green,

But becoming stronger in stature, day by day.

Life is forever unfolding right before us in nature.

My little leaf got sadly cut down yesterday while I was out. Such is the life (at least that of a slightly over expanded Rubber Tree!)

But life does end or at least changes all the time, and normally when we least expect it.

But I know there are more leaves which will continue grow because that's the way nature is. I already miss my little leaf though.

Share all your random #artfulalternatives projects with me. I'd love to see your things transform!


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