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The Tango of Life - A Poem

Release me from tortuous thoughts of love and compassion

From an overriding need to have you in my life

From the touch I feel even though you are not here.

Release me from thoughts of you when I hold another

Release me from sleepless nights of endless forgotten dreams

Release me from your breathing and your beating heart

Release me from the anger, the hate, the resentment

Release me from a dream of what could have been.

Release me into the ocean of possibilities

Let me drown in the "What If's?"

Allow the waves of love to wash over me

Let me choke on every droplet of forever

Then bring me to the shore of your soft arms

Release me with the strength of your smile and laughter

Dry my tears and open my heart

Let me sit with the rawness of the pain not gone

Release me fully from the love I've left behind.

Take away the ills of time gone by

Wash my feet from guilt and bring me forgiveness.

Anoint my skin with the sweet perfume of your soul

Wrap me in your soft gentle breath

Smother me with your butterfly kisses

Connect to me with your energy, like the breeze

But please, please please,

Release me from what was.

Release me to another day of living.

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