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There is infinite choice...

Not much creating happening these last couple of days and am feeling very distracted.

Why am I feeling so on edge right now?

We are all connected I know this and there is this global virus which is causing general stress and dis-ease, and although as a person I do not panic easily, as a sensitive person, this hits me hard.

It's really hard to create from an anxious place, because the body and mind goes into a blocked and over-whelmed place rather than an expansive growing, receptive space.


It helps me to consciously stop, breath, and think "what if there is no problem here", because it helps me remember all around me, is actually still the same and all is well.

Also I know if I just force myself to sit down and do something, even if it is scribbling or doodling that is a way to break through the overwhelm.

Before I know it, I have calmed my energy down, and the creative spark is flickering brighter.


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