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Unwrapping Roots - A Poem

Updated: Apr 2

How do we explain the purity of this

And this

And this.

A more tender way of being in this world.

A gentler way to touch ground.

Like the tiny feet of a delicate bird on concrete

Simply tapping at life layers

Step by Step

Crumb by Crumb

Not pushing, not forcing

So discrete and unassuming

Peeling and unwrapping

Petal by petal

Thorn by Thorn

Stem by Stem

Root by Root.

The world seen in snippets of visions

Or heard in a cyclone of sounds.

Only we rock your peaceful consciousness,

It's us disturbing your gentle souls.

Who can you listen to?

When can you see clearly?

Word's aren't kind or noble

When you're feeling fear,

Smelling un-love

Breathing in false pretenses,

Deflecting heartless attention,

And holding onto....thin air.

Perhaps your separation is a blessing

Living life amongst the roots

Enriching us silently

Nourishing the tree we do not tend to

Thinking your lives are our thorns.

When, you are our stability.

Our safe harbor, not our storm.

Our rocks, our foundations.

Not our uneven ground,

And Never our drought.

If only everyone looked for you.

All they have to do is see the stars.



The purity of that and this

Allow a little of your rain

To refresh a void and an emptiness.

We should follow your footsteps

Because gently, quietly, mightily,

You walk ahead

Oh Roots of our dignity.

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