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Waiting for Myself - A Poem

Updated: Mar 27

I will wait for you.

Until you show up on thunderous hooves

With the sound of the wind whispering through me

The surface of the water tickling my fingertips.

I see you behind a wispy veil of the untouchable.

I sense you when I exhale all of life.

I will wait for you. Until you show up in the anger I repress

With the breath of all the oceans in your hair

With grit sifting through your open hands

And the taste of a thousand red dunes on your lips.

I will wait for you.

Until you show in the mind’s darkness

In the silence of safe caves where we slept.

Through the sunshine in your eyes,

That glisten with hate and sadness.

I see myself in their reflection and am calm.

I will wait for you.

Until we are there beside that tree together.

And I rest gently back in your open arms.

The nurturing of all the mothers who never came back for us.

And strength of the fathers who never held us up with pride.

And if waiting is a simple breath?

A night’s sleep?

The blink of an eye?

Haven’t I already waited?

You are here, right here.

I am waiting.

I reach out and you sense me. Close.

I wait.

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