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What are expectations when no one's watching anyway?

I totally forgot to do this blog post yesterday, so here is yesterday's today.

Deciding to do this little blog on a daily basis is currently just a challenge to myself to maintain creativity,

As I just started it on my 43rd Birthday (Yes that's where the name of the blog comes from) no one has any expectations on the timeliness of posts yet, except myself.

If the only expectations existing are self created, we can also be the ones to also choose to release those expectations and just go with the flow a little.

I have a purpose behind the expectation to post daily, but the purpose was fulfilled anyway yesterday as I was creating all day. I just forgot to post so maybe the blog is working for me already?

So I think I am just going to ride the wave of creation and see what comes and when it comes, but already in my head I am thinking, 'I will post again later, to make up for no post yesterday,' Let's see.


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