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What Day is It?

I hope everyone is feeling like days are melting into one a little because I can't believe 3 days went by without me posting.

I genuinely thought it was Saturday last Sunday which also meant I missed the fact it was Mother's day in the UK until it was far too late to call, Sorry Mom, I am not a perfect daughter!

As an Artist, I work from home all the time so weekends as such don't apply, but as a sensitive person, I do feeling the people energy around me rise and fall as the week moves through, Monday feels tenser and it is really calmer on weekends.

But with many people forced on permanent "weekend" right now, it is hard for me to determine what day I just woke up in and where I am in my week, which is perhaps impacting this creative blog 'schedule.'

Through drawing and sketching, I am just trying to sit in my own perceived vulnerability and be calm with whatever this is, because in my being I know everything, always, eventually turns out exactly as it will.

I invite you to be gentle with yourself too, it's okay to pause, breathe, stop, because that is what the planet is sending a message for all of us to do, but just don't stop being Artful.


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