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What if you miss the low-hanging fruit?

I appreciate all the things I have and try to keep them "nice", I am not unhygienic, but I am definitely not a neat freak, which I am sure ex's and old room-mates might testify to.

Then all of a sudden today my car felt like a garbage can. but it was full of random artist junk, receipts, battered business cards and what seemed like all the hair ties I have ever misplaced since the start of time.

So anyway while I was doing an annual (maybe) car clean out, to make sure the corona virus was not lurking under a car seat, I spotted these fruit growing on the tree next to the car.

I did not notice the blossom which must have been there before the fruit and I did not see the smaller fruit growing until I looked up today and saw the tree covered in things twice the size of grapes.

This made me wonder what other "blossoms" or "fruit" I might have been missing right in front of me?

I decided this was a sign to start paying to attention to signs of spring, growth, and transformation in myself and around me.

Only when we notice, can we nourish and really appreciate all creative seeds we might have forgotten we planted.


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