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When do I find Trust? - A Poem

Updated: Mar 27

Can you Trust this?

Trust comes as a menace, crawling across the ground

A naked shadowed figure of anger

Fingers gripping the dirt, salivating, on all fours,

Circling me, never losing sight of me,

Vibrating the ground, reordering the grit.

Can you Trust this?

Trust raises it’s head to face me

poisonous snake, piercing eyes and

tongue of toxic venom.

A cobra shadow blocking out the light

Scaley sheaths, mouth gaping ready to bite.

Can you Trust this?

Trust lands on unstable ground for me.

River running rapid. Rocks rolling.

The rug about to get pulled, forever under my feet,

the weight of my future thoughts and fears

not sufficient to hold it.

I am falling. I am falling.

Can you trust this?

What if trust just comes as a thread?

Invisibly weaving through life and through living

Tendrils of energy touching our foreheads

Swaddling us, gently binding us together

Holding our dark hearts in her arms.

Calming our anger

Calming our fear

Making us feel safe once more.

Can I trust this?

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